St Albans Taxis Customer Testimonials

When we book travel for the executives in our office, we always choose St Albans Taxis. The service is prompt and professional, and has always exceeded the expectations of our business travellers. For vendors and potential customers flying through London, we consistently recommend St Albans Taxis

I frequently fly in to and out of the London airports, especially Heathrow. For years, I have booked my airport transfer taxi service through St Albans Taxis. The drivers are always friendly and respectful and have got me to my destination with time to spare for each trip

We needed a taxi for last minute travel. Even though we hadn't booked ahead, St Albans Taxis provided us with the perfect vehicle for our group and a wonderful driver. Thanks!

Upon arriving at London City Airport, I realized that I must have left my cell phone in the taxi. I was terrified that I would have to spend my entire trip without my phone, but a call to St Albans Taxis had the driver back at my gate within minutes. The driver was exceptionally friendly and did not seem put out at all that he had to return to help me. They didn't even charge me for the extra time, and I had my cell phone to make vital calls during my trip. Will definitely choose St Albans Taxis for all of my travel needs

My wife and I were visiting the UK and were glad we could depend on our taxi driver's expertise about the area. We would have been lost attempting to navigate through Heathrow Airport, but he was completely at ease and even made sure we were heading in the right direction once he dropped us off. Can't wait to visit again!

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